02 October, 2011

Indonesia is strong to face Crisis

Indonesia become a precedent for developing countries because it was able to survive the impact of global financial crisis.

"From G-20, Indonesia became one of the best models in developing countries that can still survive in the area," said Chairman of the General Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) Indonesia, MS. Hidayat in Jakarta, Monday.

He said, the results of the survey note that economic growth in Singapore's success surpass the minus 10 percent, so also with Korea and Malaysia.Indonesia own experience is still a relatively good growth around 4 percent.

"So we still have a 'growth' is approximately 4 percent according to me is very good," He said. Hidayat add in the G-20 forum in the UK, many countries appreciate to Indonesia.In fact, according to him, in the forum, almost all the G-20 countries, making Indonesia as a model of survival that is capable of enduring the severe crisis.

"Therefore, the need to continue to be assisted so that others can follow, from the regulations, we are good in macro," He said. The appreciation of the G-20 countries is given in their opportunity to present countries views.

"In that forum and Indonesia into one of the presenters," he said. Result, proposals for Indonesia G20 forum, get a response and received a settlement scheme in the global financial restructuring. Of them is the stimulus to the system, create new regulations for global financial system, and the insistence global banks began to stream back credit funds to developing countries.

Previous G-20 Group has just completed its first summit in London that some of the new agreement to address the impact of global financial crisis. To restore trust, stimulate economic growth and create employment, G-20 countries agreed to provide stimulus package of 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars.

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